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Buc’s Pride

Inspiring our Community to Honor Cancer Survivors, Remember Loved Ones and Passionately Give Back.

How did this come about?

Three passionate women from the Grand Haven community were given the opportunity to attend the Pink Arrow Pride Conference in 2011 in Lowell Michigan. Lowell High School has built a program to empower their community and have begun to share this vision with others. Their motto is “Serving our Community & Inspiring Others to Serve Theirs.” The conference shared the story of how Pink Arrow Pride began as a football game with the players and fans wearing pink for cancer awareness and support.  Four years later, this program has raised over $700 thousand dollars allowing them to build there own Gilda’s Club for the Lowell community.  Jackie VandenBerg, Sharon Yonker & Marcie Lynch came back inspired and found full support with Grand Haven High School Athletic Director Jack Provencal and the Varsity Football Coach Mike Farley.  Together they have spearheaded the first annual BUCS PRIDE event.  The first annual BUCS PRIDE was held September 16, 2011. Since then, the purple passion has expanded beyond the football field. Grand Haven Area Public Schools has taken the purple pride to new levels, with games at many different sports and arts events!  

When will this take place?

Bucs Pride events take place all year round.  Nearly every sport and activity hosts a purple game each year. Find current happenings at:

How can you get involved?

Purple teeshirts will be sold for $10 and names can be put on the back of these in honor of someone special for $5.  For more information on where to get your Bucs Pride shirt or how to get involved, check out the Bucs Pride website at or contact Sharon below.


Who will this help?

The Grand Haven Bucs Pride event will support Bluebird Cancer Retreats West Michigan and the American Cancer Society.  Your dollars will be put to use in this community offering programs, support and resources for those dealing with a diagnoses in their family.
For more info, contact:  Sharon 616-402-1443

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